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Greater Europe Mission helps people in Europe find faith in Jesus Christ and grow in that faith. We do this by sharing our lives with people and helping them discover the message of the Bible for themselves through Bible study groups, church meetings, street theater, puppetry, sports, music, teaching and more. We reach out to orphans and AIDS patients. We send teams to help construct and repair buildings. We help people study the Bible through Distance Learning in many countries. We seek to come alongside the people and churches in Europe who are following Christ and participate in their efforts to reach the continent for Christ.

Most people in Europe have a vague acquaintance with Christianity, but no personal faith in Jesus Christ. How exciting it is to tell them how Jesus can be their friend, today and forever.

And when God uses you to touch others for Christ, He touches your own life as well. It is satisfying to be the person who brings God into another person’s life because by doing so, you become the instrument God uses to change that person’s destiny for eternity.

We offer many opportunities for service. Some Europeans are lonely, others are exuberant; but all who are without Jesus Christ have a God-shaped void in their lives that only He can fill.

Eric and Christy were married on December 21, 1996 and have two daughters, Kati and Elena.

Contact Information:

Seyringer Strasse 1/1/3
Vienna, Austria A-1210

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