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Men's Shoot Out

August 21 | 5:30 pm

The Men’s Ministry will host a Shoot-out on Tuesday, August 21st at The Range-St. Louis West (14803 Manchester Rd. Ballwin, MO) from 5:30-7:30 pm. The Shoot-Out is to be a time of fellowship for the men of the church where you can bring your own fire arm/s (rifles included) for some time on the firing range. We will have a dedicated area at the facility with sandwiches and refreshments where you can visit with your brothers, compare your marksmanship scores and fellowship in the Lord.

By the way, if you would like to participate but don’t own a fire arm, you will be able to use a rental gun on a no-charge basis; however, you will need to purchase ammo from The Range. There is a charge of $5 for food this year as well. As a final note, a basic firearm safety orientation will be provided and a range safety officer will be with us to answer any questions.

Registration is Now Closed

Response to the Shoot-Out registration has been overwhelming and we have maxed out the planned attendance mark established for the event.  As a result, registration for the Shoot-Out is closed effective immediately.  Thank you for your interest and your enthusiasm.

If you signed up, please attend as we want to be good stewards of the resources that God has provided. Of course, we realize that things can pop up that prevent your attendance after signing up. If that happens, we would appreciate your trying to notify either Alex Simpson or Jesse Goodman. Thanks!



Patriot Day

September 9 | 9:00 am

By Congressional Resolution and Presidential signature, “Patriot Day” honors the victims of the 9/11 attack on our country in 2001 and is also recognized as a “National Day of Service and Remembrance.” 

Each year, on or near 9/11, New Community Church remembers and serves the first responders who serve us so faithfully and bravely. We do so with the distribution of baskets of fresh baked goods provided by our church family and local stores to each of twenty (20) fire, police and EMT agencies in West St. Louis County.  A letter of thanks and appreciation from Pastor Jerry for the dedicated service of these brave men and women will be included with each basket.  

In addition, artwork honoring first responders will be provided for the children in the church to color and will be included with the deliveries. (They are always a hit with the first responders!

The Women’s Ministry will be arranging for all the donated baked goods as well as preparation of the baskets.  A call for the baked goods is being sent under a separate email.  The baskets will be distributed on Saturday morning, September 8th by teams of men and women from the church, a process which takes no more than an hour to complete.  It is a most fulfilling, yet humbling experience to interact with the first responder recipients.  

Please sign up online or stop by the lobby table to sign up for preparing the baskets; providing baked goods and participating on a delivery team.

Come and take advantage of this opportunity to bring glory to God through outreach to our area’s first responders in commemoration of "Patriot Day."