Children's Check In

press_logo_vignettes-189052_623x200 Of primary importance to the Children's Ministry is the ability to create a safe environment for the children who are entrusted to us during Bible study and worship activities at the church. Because the security of the children is so important, we use a child check-in system called Planning Center Check-Ins.

At church, when you check your child in each week, a nametag will be printed allowing access into the classroom. Children without nametags will be sent back to their parents to check in. Parents will receive a guardian receipt which will be needed to pick up children at the end of class. You can check in for all services for the day at the same time.

If you are new to NCC or have not had an opportunity to check your children in at our kiosk, your family's information will need to be added to the system. This can be done at the kiosk or, to save you time at your first check-in, you can use this form so that we can update the system on your behalf.

We know check-in systems can be a bit cumbersome to navigate on a Sunday morning, especially for guests and first-timers. But it is a small inconvenience in the effort to provide safety and security for our children and volunteers. For a screen shot walk through explaining the "first time" check in process for a Sunday morning, view this document.